As can be seen, we offer replacement and supplemental glassware holders and service tables for limousines, party busses, sedans, etc.

Our line is a bit different than others on the market in that we offer many choices and give you the opportunity to make adjustment in colors, the level of gloss sheen and we’ll even design something new for you.

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Compact Six Glass Liquor Table

Compact Six Glass Liquor Table


Sedan Champagne Table - Black

Sedan Champagne Tables, Black Lacquer


Two Glass Table - Walnut

Two Glass Champagne Tables


We’ve been in the limousine woodworking business since the early 1980′s and have seen styles come and go. We love the traditional wood grains such as walnut, while providing designs with newer materials such as acrylics (plexiglas) that are intended to be backlit with led’s. Our painted designs have always been popular as well.

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