Acrylic Stemware and Rock Glass Holders


    Acrylic Drink Racks for Champagne or Rock Glasses

    We offer plastic drink racks for rock glasses or stem glasses. There are two styles in the pictures, with our without a mounting bracket. We also offer replacement drink racks and can replicate your old one exactly. Please inquire!!

    If you need a mounting bracket, we offer a glued on version that is just flawless. The glue is actually stronger than the acrylic itself, but the aesthics of this stemware rack is really what you will be proud of!

    Some people prefer a non – polished version. This is also readily available.


    We regularly stock flute glass holders in the following sizes. Other lengths, number of glasses, etc. are priced on an individual quote.

    • ACRYL-FLU-100 Single Flute glass holder is 5″ in length, $45.00
    • ACRYL-FLU-200 Two Flute glass holder is 8″ in length, $45.00
    • ACRYL-FLU-300 Three Flute glass holder is 11″ in length, $50.00
    • ACRYL-FLU-400 Four Flute glass holder is 14.5″ in length, $55.00
    • ACRYL-FLU-500 Five Flute glass holder is 18″ in length, $60.00
    • ACRYL-FLU-600 Six Glass glass holder is 21″ in length $75.00
    • ACRYL-ROCK-600 Six Rock Glass Holder is 27.5″ long x 6″ deep. $125

    Since most of our orders are custom, we do not have an online shopping cart. We love interacting with our clients and finding the best product for their needs.

    Please call or email with your request! We accept checks, PayPal, or credit cards over the phone. We look forward to serving you!